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Who is Isaac?

A bright-eyed, doesn't look back, excited, sorta human.
Isaac is an IT Magician. With over 15 years experience administrating small startups to enterprises.
Never losing the creative or entreprenieurial bug, Isaac has knowledge from developing websites both in the front and back end, to creating and managing video editing projects.
They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. But what if you love working on what you love to do?
That is Isaac.
Sitting in front of 7 monitors with his own basement server, Isaac is always looking for adventure.

  • Computer Mindset
  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Problem Solving

"Life is full of speed-bumps and stepping stones. Cheers to those who help along the way."

What does Isaac do?

Isaac builds communities by working with technology and a bright attitude. Always there to be sure a path is set for everyone, while enjoying the teachings along the way.

You know those moments when your computer is not working and you call IT over to help? But all of the sudden, it starts working again as if it were magic?
Isaac is that magic.

Where is Isaac?

Because Isaac builds communities through technology, he is able to be anywhere and everywhere. Enjoying the experiences taken from moving to many locations, the teachings of different cultures and workplaces, Isaac is able to relate to anyone, and enjoy every step along the way.

The future of Isaac

Isaac believes in opportunity and holding onto it. Isaac is excited to make sure that an idea is heard and looked into before forgotten.

Isaac looks at the bigger picture. Not just the moment. This means that through work and thought, Isaac is always taking into account not just the current actions but what will need to happen later.

More of Isaac

  • Linkedin

    Isaac has a full profile that is always being updated on Linkedin.

  • Resume

    Isaac's resume is always being updated. Please email to request an updated version. Or view Linkedin.

  • Isaac's Education

    Isaac is a graduate of the Systems Technology program at Fanshawe College. Focusing on hardware, administration, and events that allowed knowledge to be gained from out of the box solutions.

  • Administrative

    Isaac has helped transform communities to thriving ecosystems. He has helped lead and show examples of moving forward.

  • @Isaac

    Isaac wanted to be able to expand his experiences and assistance with others. Creating a 'Fractional IT' consulting services has helped to that with several clients already enjoying the benefits of having Isaac on their team.

  • Manapop

    Isaac has worked on Manapop for over a decade.
    As a movie fanatic accompanied by friends, a prime example is a constantly growing platform for movie reviews.

  • Unbiased

    A constant attention to community allows Isaac to put aside his own opinions and build communities from an idea, or to stabilize what is already there.

  • Iconic

    Isaac has helped shape his presence with icons and ideas. From a simple kiwi to a mascot for a top scoring website.

  • Why a kiwi?

    When asked, 'What is your favourite animal?' it is easily answered, and always looked back with a quizzical look. No one thinks of the Kiwi bird as an animal that holds much thought. It is unique and shows that greatness comes from the unexpected.

  • What is FIDST?

    FIDST is the result of a typo. It shows that even in mistakes, there is something to learn or even a small victory.

Steps to Success

Isaac has worked with users, clients, coworkers, and friends to work towards how to provide the best service and resolutions forward.

  • Why?
  • Relate
  • Prevent

"Even if it is your millionth client, you are their first chance at success. Treat them as you would yourself: first."


Often times when dealing with a situation, the 'what' is the primary focus.
What is happening?
This of course leads to, 'How do we fix the what?'
It is often forgotten to think of why you are attempting to fix the problem in the first place.
'Why are we fixing this?' 'Why did this problem come up in the first place?'

These questions can easily break the problem into smaller paths to take that can lead to a more thorough solution in the end.


When working with an individual, or a larger corporate problem that requires a solution to be found, it can be beneficial to find some way to relate to the problem.
This can be as little as having a corrupt flash drive, to poor wifi connection in the corner room of the building. Finding a way, any way to relate it to your own life allows you to think of ways you have resolved the problem, or would prefer it resolved if it were you in their shoes.

I have found verbally relating a life experience to clients helps them calm down as well. This can help your communication and resonate with them on a personal level, allowing the communication to be full and honest from both parties.


Prevention comes after a solution is found. This is like putting the final layer on your funfetti birthday cake. You already have the delicious cake ready to go, but how do you make it better?
Chances are you do not want to have to deal with the situation again. You do not want to hear back from the same person who lost their data because they continued to carry their external hard drive in a wet paper bag from the grocery store.
You would prefer not to make an entirely new network plan for the office because you did not take into account the sudden possible growth the company would have in seven months.

Tell the sweet old lady to use a soft carry pouch and always unhook the cable before transport, include instructions on how to safely eject it to not corrupt her pictures of her nineteen grandchildren.
Allow for extra Ethernet drops, or extra wireless nodes to be implemented when the time comes.